January 31st, 2010

Article about Gorillaz in Le Soir, Belgian newspaper

Camille sends the news that Le Soir, a national newspaper in Belgium, published an article about Gorillaz forthcoming album Plastic Beach, in its website. You can read the article on Le Soir's website here.

The article reveals:-
  • for the promotion of Plastic Beach, journalists are being shown round a Gorillaz art exhibition / installation in a warehouse in East London. They are shown a film about the making of Plastic Beach, can view prints of Gorillaz art, and can view the actual model of Plastic Beach as seen in the Gorillaz web teaser films (which can actually light up in the dark). They can listen to the album on a supplied mp3 player, but are subject to a full search including the use of a metal detector, before being allowed in the exhibition, to prevent illict recording.
  • The Gorillaz' website will relaunch with all new interactive content on February 22nd.
  • The message that Plastic Beach is Gorillaz' last album is also repeated at the exhibition.
  • The exhibition includes an 'animated storyboard' for Stylo
  • Murdoc mentions a Gorillaz 'tour' in the film shown.

    You can read a translation ( by Camille with a minor alteration or two by 2-J ) by clicking 'Read More' below.

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