January 27th, 2010

New Gorillaz mailer / deluxe version of album to feature exclusive video content and more

laziilemon was the first to send the news that Gorillaz have released a new mailer, detailing things that have happened over the last couple of days.

Check it out here - the only major information not reported on Gorillaz-Unofficial already is that the special edition of the album will feature, along with the two bonus tracks "exclusive video and much, much more". No details on the video yet, or if the content of the iTunes deluxe edition will differ from the physical (CD+DVD) deluxe edition.

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Q's exclusive Gorillaz in-the-studio clips

Droid sends the news that, as promised, Q magazine have uploaded some exclusive Gorillaz video content to their website.

At present there are two short clips. A 17-second clip shows very short shots of different collaborators, and a second 23-second clip shows Paul Simonon and Mick Jones in the studio working on the track 'Plastic Beach'.

To watch them, go here on the Q website. NB some people have reported that the videos do not play when using Internet Explorer, you may need to use an alternative browser to view them.

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More information about DVD bonus content in CD+DVD edition of Plastic Beach

viol8r and Droid send the news that amazon.com has following new information here about the CD+DVD edition of Plastic Beach. The CD+DVD edition will have the regular 16 track Plastic Beach album on the CD and "a 45-minute "making of" documentary DVD that provides onlineaccess to extra music, games and video."

To summarise the editions of Plastic Beach officially announced so far (NB further editions may be announced):-
* Regular CD edition (standard 16 track album)
* Regular download edition (standard 16 track album)
* iTunes deluxe edition (standard 16 track album, 2 bonus tracks, 'exclusive video content' and more)
* CD+DVD deluxe edition (standard 16 track album on CD, DVD includes 45 minute documentary and online access to extra music, games and video)

As not all details are yet confirmed about the bonus content, it is unclear at this time whether the deluxe iTunes edition will have exactly the same content as the CD+DVD edition.

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