January 25th, 2010

Gorillaz news round-up: Stylo released / Plastic Beach iTunes bonus tracks / manager on Stylo leak

A lot of news to get through as we wait for Q magazine (street date tomorrow in the UK)...

Stylo is officially released this week and is due to be everywhere on January 26 (Tuesday), as a digital download only. No word on any physical formats yet. Amazon.co.uk the download all day on January 25 but most other retailers including iTunes are releasing it on January 26.

Caravanslost in New Zealand, and thus further on in terms of timezones than most us, writes in to say that Plastic Beach is now available as a preorder on New Zealand iTunes and it has two bonus tracks listed:- "Plastic Beach just became available for preorder on iTunes. It's been put on the homepage. There are 18 tracks - the setlist we've already been given, and another two tracks called "Pirate's Progress" and "Three Hearts, Seven Seas, Twelve Moons". Sakanade adds: "I just checked the NZ store, the bonus tracks are for the deluxe version of the album aka the DVD version (night cover) iTunes also lists the regular version which contains the 16 tracks".

Cupnoodle sends news of a blog post reporting from a music conference where Gorillaz' manager Chris Morrison spoke out against illegal filesharing, saying he only came to a hard stance against it after Stylo leaked. Read the full story on Music Ally here.

Satania Niccals writes that Q magazine has a new short video preview (showing some of the new art) of its Gorillaz issue on its website here (NB video reported not to work in Internet Explorer).

gorillazmn2r23 writes:- "Hi, I wanted to let you know that I went to Gamestop the other day and saw that 'Just Dance', a game for the Wii, includes the song Dare."

And finally, don't forget to keep checking back on gorillaz.com every weekday for a new Plastic Beach teaser video accompanied by Gorillaz music. They're up to 7 now and there's many more yet to come.

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