January 16th, 2010

Demon Lamp coverage in Birmingham Post

The Demon Lamp which was released before Christmas ( as reported on Gorillaz-Unofficial here at the time ) has received some coverage in the newspaper the Birmingham Post. Designer James Coore ( previously of Zombie Flesh Eaters, now of his own company Zulu Studios ) is interviewed and there is some details of how the lamp was created. Check out the news item online here.

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Murdoc Twitter digest / G-U Twitter

Murdoc's been tweeting continuously since we last posted and has made some interesting revelations. He is tweeting from a 'a big piece of plastic, an island floating in the middle of nowhere' called 'Plastic Beach' - the Gorillaz album was named after it. Its location is secret, and the album was recorded there. The island stinks and there is a green fog around it that's creepy, glowing, and has moaning sounds coming out of it. 2D is trapped in the glass-room downstairs with a big whale on guard. Murdoc has a radio studio there and is trying to get it up and running to create his own pirate radio broadcast. He's had things delivered to the island such as a satelite dish and big crate of rum. The Gorillaz album is 'almost finished' according to Murdoc. Keep up with Murdoc on Twitter here.

And Gorillaz-Unofficial now has its own Twitter. Check it out:- http://www.twitter.com/gorillaz_u the latest news will be posted there, but don't worry, you can still follow all the news on Gorillaz-Unofficial by visiting this page. We're not going anywhere! However if you use Twitter, or you've signed up because Murdoc is on it, then do follow us on there!

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Miles Leonard (Parlophone) comments to Billboard about Plastic Beach

An anonymous person sends the news that Billboard.com has some info here about Plastic Beach from Miles Leonard, president of Parlophone, Gorillaz' UK record company.

  • He says "It's probably the first album ever to feature both Snoop Dogg and Lou Reed but Damon Albarn's vocals are much more apparent on this album, too-he's right across this record; it's not just guest vocalists."
  • He says Stylo is "a dark, twisted track that sounds like the 'Saturday Night Fever' soundtrack on MDMA."
  • He says Jamie's visuals are "stepping up to the next level."
  • He states that Damon has produced the album.

    He also confirms what the Laverne Show mentioned last week (see Gorillaz-Unofficial news item here) - lead single Stylo, set to be released in 'early January' (according to the Billboard article) will feature both Bobby Womack and Mos Def.

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