January 7th, 2010

CNN reports new version of Gorillaz official site to incorporate the Cisco Eos platform

orion70 sends the news that the CNN website reports here that Gorillaz have signed a deal with All Access Today (a company that delivers online and digital solutions and projects, such as 'Fan Clubs', Merchandising, Ticketing, etc - their site here )to provide them with a 'fan site' (in the sense of a site for fans rather than an independent site by fans) based on the Cisco Eos 'social entertainment' web platform. You can get an idea of what the Cisco Eos platform is capable of by looking at the Cisco Eos site. Key features are the ability to create accounts on the site, interact with other fans, share and view content, etc.

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Stylo listed on All Access website as first Plastic Beach single with release date 26 January

Hot on the news that Gorillaz have signed a deal with All Access (see the news item below) to provide them with some kind of fan site, is the news (thanks to The British Sushi for sending this in) that an official All Access site is listing a Gorillaz single 'Stylo' with a release date of 26 January. You can view the information on the site here, scroll down to 26 January on the calendar to see the Gorillaz listing.

In related news, German Shake sends the news that some of the uploads to Youtube of the demo of Stylo, played by Damon on his Radio 1 takeover in January, have been blocked due to a copyright claim by the IFPI. Some are still available however.

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