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5th October 2009

10:05pm: Gorillaz Sound System to play Romania show on 6 November
Gorillaz Sound System will play a show in Bucharest, Romania on 6 November. The show will be held at the la Sala Polivalentă. Also on the bill on the same night are the acts Underworld and Dubfire. Tickets are available from http://bilete.ro/ and cost 50 lei in advance (75 lei on the night). (many Romanian sites are reporting this news including mediafax.ro here).
This is only Gorillaz Sound System's second public show of the year, after their date in March at Moscow's Expocentre Na Krasnoy Presne Showrooms. (more info on GSS here).

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10:19pm: Guitar Hero in talks with Gorillaz to use an exclusive track on future Guitar Hero release
An article on the website of the UK newspaper The Telegraph reports that "Guitar Hero's management are talking to artists including Robbie Williams and Damon Albarn's Gorillaz to write and record tracks exclusively for its video games". The article is based on an interview with Guitar Hero chief executive Dan Rosensweig.

Check out the full article which also discusses other Guitar Hero news on the Telegraph website here.

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