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16th April 2009

4:59pm: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Tony Allen and Mos Def for third Gorillaz LP?
orion sends the news that website britishhiphop.co.uk reports here that the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Mos Def and Tony Allen "will be the new Gorrilaz outfit". The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble have appeared live several times with Damon Albarn, have been strongly rumoured to be working with Damon on recorded material in the past. Tony Allen was part of The Good, The Bad & The Queen with Damon and stated in a recent interview that he'd be doing some studio work with Damon in the near future.

It seems hardly a day goes by without a mention of a new Gorillaz collaborator at the moment. Obviously some sources may be more reliable than others!

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5:06pm: Two new Bananaz clips online
Latest uploads to Babelgum.com:-

Jamie talking about NSync
Damon and Jamie in a taxi

The Gorillaz documentary movie Bananaz premieres online on 20 April.

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