December 19th, 2007

Russel statement about Ike Turner's passing

Russel Hobbs, Gorillaz' drummer has issued a statement about Ike Turner's passing. At the time of writing this is exclusive to this site.

Russel writes:- "As with many musicians, myself to a more a physical extent,we all have our inner demons to battle, and Ike Turner's were welldocumented. However, despite the shadier and less respected parts of hislife, his contribution to the world of music shouldn't be overlooked. Hispioneer-ing approached gave us the very first footprint of rock n' roll withhis record 'Rocket 88', and he went on to combine rhythm n' blues, rock,funk and soul in a ground-breaking way that set a template for decades tofollow. His collaborative spirit, musically, is something that will begreatly missed. Playing with Ike at Manchester and in Harlem last year, gavethe Gorillaz' performance of Demon Days a much deeper dialogue, and left usa musical memory that none of the members of Gorillaz will forget. R.I.P."

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