November 21st, 2007

D-Sides scans / final tracklisting

alukah has scanned the D-Sides booklet and artwork and kindly sent the scans to us. There are many rarely-seen sketches of Gorillaz (most were exhibited during the Design Museum Designer Of The Year exhibition but have not appeared elsewhere). Check out the scans by clicking 'Read More' below.

In other D-Sides news, the tracklisting information for all formats has now become clear (thanks to all of you who sent in contributions including The One, bluforestfires, Bill teh Ripper, Log S. and jp917):-
  • The US CD versions of the album do not feature any bonus tracks ( has previously listed the US versions as including one bonus track each).
  • Hong Kong (Live At Manchester Opera House) is included as a bonus track if you buy the album from any iTunes store (make sure you select the right edition of the album to buy if you're getting it from iTunes, as some stores also list a version, at the same price, not including the bonus track).
  • Feel Good Inc (Sarm Studios Session) is available as a bonus track when downloading the album from the US iTunes store, or from the download store. The track can also be purchased individually from those stores. If you buy the album from iTunes, you have to choose which bonus track you want, you can't get both included in the download bundle.
  • The Japanese edition of D-Sides will, as previously reported on, feature two bonus tracks on the first CD, Samba At 13 and Film Trailer Music, as well as a CD-ROM of the Rockit video. However, these tracks will only appear on the regular Japanese edition (catalogue number TOCP-66746-47). There will be a deluxe edition of D-Sides issued in Japan too (catalogue number TOCP-66757-58), but this will not include the two bonus tracks. It will however contain all the extra materials available in the deluxe edition as issued in Europe and the US. D-Sides will not be released in Japan until 19th December 2007.

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