November 19th, 2007

D-Sides mega review roundup

Many new press reviews of D-Sides...

Thanks to the heroic efforts of Shatpank, we can bring you reviews from The Word magazine, Mojo magazine (both UK music magazines) and the UK national paper The Times. Shat adds of the Mojo review: "What a bunch of c***s".

MasterMarcoss sends the review from popular online music website Pitchfork, commenting " ...for some reason the reviewer liked the chinese Dirty Harry remix more than anything else on disc 2. Freak."

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DedEx delivery note outside Kong Studios

zombie_23 was the first to write in:- "new addition to kong! there is now a DedEx delivery letter by the for sale sign saying that they tried to deliver a "really nice spade" but the band were not home at the time to collect it!".

Gina Cartoon sends a picture of the notice as it appears on
Apparently they will try to redeliver it this Thursday.

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