November 13th, 2007

D-Sides competition (new art!) / D-Sides trailer and promo

The official Japanese Gorillaz website is running a promo competition to celebrate the release of the new Gorillaz compilation album D-Sides. It's a caption competition (if any Gorillaz-Unofficial visitors can read Japanese and can explain more about how to enter do let us know in the comments below). To win you have to choose captions for 1 of 3 Gorillaz sketches (at least one of the sketches is previously unseen). Check out the image below.
D-Sides promo continues apace elsewhere too; check out the official 30-second video trailer for D-Sides here (released on Youtube this afternoon), and you can listen to the whole album (or at least what seems will be the UK tracklisting) on Myspace on the Gorillaz official profile here.

Finally, lord.of.chickens sends the news that the front page is advertising the fact that the first 500 pre-orders of D-Sides from the G-Shop ( will receive a free exclusive poster featuring previously unreleased Gorillaz sketch artwork (as picture below). The D-Sides text in the G-Shop states that 2D is currently completing a law degree and Russel is reinventing himself as a personal trainer!
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Japanese D-Sides to include 2 bonus tracks - including one previously unreleased song (?)

Today the official Japanese Gorillaz website released details of the Japanese edition of the forthcoming Gorillaz album D-Sides. As previously reported on, D-Sides will be getting a full release in Japan on the Toshiba EMI label, well after Europe and North America, on 19 December 2007 (catalogue number TOCP66746). Today details were announced of the Japanese edition's tracklisting. The first CD will feature two audio bonus tracks, the previously released Samba At 13 as the 14th track and a song titled 'Film Trailer Music' as the 15th track, which the official Japanese Gorillaz states is a track which has never been released before anywhere in the world. In addition, the first CD will feature a CD-ROM of the Rockit video.

Check out the tracklisting on the official Japanese Gorillaz site here. More info on this story as we get it.

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