November 3rd, 2007

Win a copy of the new book "Damon Albarn: "Blur", The "Gorillaz" and Other Fables"!

Thanks to Independent Music Press, the publishers of the new book "Damon Albarn: "Blur", The "Gorillaz" and Other Fables", has two copies to give away in a new competition. Simply answer the following question:- what was the bonus track on the Japan-only 'Grammy Edition' of Demon Days? Send your answers to with the subject header 'competition'. Two correct answers will be drawn out of a hat when the competition closes, in 2 weeks from the date of this news post. Winners will be announced on the site and informed by email, in 2 weeks' time.
The book covers all Damon's major projects, including of course Gorillaz. If you don't manage to win, you can always head on over to to buy the book. And look out for the review of the book on soon!

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Damon's top priority next year: "the next Gorillaz thing, but it won't be called Gorillaz"

In the new issue of the UK music magazine Q, Damon Albarn Gorillaz co-creator is interviewed following being named the winner of the Inspiration Award at the Q Awards 2007. When asked what his top priority is for 2008, he says "Well, I'll be doing the next Gorillaz thing, but it won't be called Gorillaz. It's got a name but I'm not going to tell you what it is.". Jamie Hewlett, also present at the interview, adds "We've now created this wonderful network of people where everybody works very well together. We're collaborating on something new, all of us. We've got a new studio in West London where everybody will be hanging out. We have an idea.". To read the full interview, click 'Read More' below.

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