November 1st, 2007

D-Sides promo scans

An official 2 track promo CD has been released by EMI in many markets to promote the forthcoming Gorillaz compilation album D-Sides. The promo CD has 2 tracks, Rockit and the new version of Hong Kong. Click 'Read more' below to see the scans of the promo. The promos distributed in the UK have a Parlophone sticker on the front with additional blurb (the text states, incorrectly, that 'Rock It / Hong Kong' will be released as a download-only single).

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New promo pic for Bananaz

As reported previously on Gorillaz-Unofficial, a feature-length documentary about Gorillaz, 'Bananaz', is soon to be released ( release details TBA). carries a story announcing the release here, accompanied by the new promotional picture seen below (presumably the shots of Damon and Jamie show scenes from the film).

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Murdoc on Facebook

No doubt most fans have come across many fake profiles of Gorillaz band members on social networking sites such as myspace, but now one of the Gorillaz has a real official profile on a social network site - Murdoc has a facebook account. The announcement that Murdoc was on facebook was made in today's official Gorillaz mailout. Check out Murdoc's facebook profile here. Murdoc has some pictures uploaded, but it's all previously released artwork.

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Noodle's birthday (31st October)

An official mailout to the Gorillaz mailing list today contained the text:-

"31.10.07 - It's Halloween and that means it's Noodle's birthday... She's 17 today".

So apparently it's Noodle's birthday! Happy birthday to the Asian Axe Princess. This is the first time Noodle's birth date has been revealed officially (previously, the 31st October date was just a fan rumour and it seems now the band have made this official).

Eagle-eyed fans will note that Noodle's age has never been given with much consistency. During Phase One, she was most often said to be 10 or 11 (roughly in accordance with the first official biography for Gorillaz, released in November 2000, which stated she was 10 years of age). During Phase Two, she was most often said to be 13 or 14 (when, actually, according to the first official biography, she should have been a year or two older. Her character seemed to be depicted too young to be taken to be 15 or 16, which may have influenced this decision). Now, apparently, she is 17.

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Kong updates (Kong for sale) / Gorillaz updates

An official mailout from Gorillaz today revealed more about the current state of Gorillaz' affairs. There was also an update to Gorillaz' Kong Studios.

Firstly, nothing has been heard of Noodle since her May Day message from an antique radio in the basement of Kong Studios (which can still be heard on Gorillaz' official site), following her antics in the El Manana video. According to Murdoc, 2d is languishing on a Jamaican beach and Russel is 'exploring his inner demons' somewhere in Brooklyn.

Secondly, there have been updates to Gorillaz' Kong Studios. Upon accessing Kong through, the visitor is now, in a new twist confronted first with a view of the studio from the bottom of the hill. There is a 'For Sale' sign showing that Kong is up for sale, through estate agents "Gigantic Disused Haunted Studios In The Middle Of No-Where". You can check out the site of the estate agents here, and you can leave a comment about Kong Studios on the site. Additionally the portacabin which stood outside Gorillaz' studios in Phase 1.5 has been burnt to the ground, and something has been buried nearby with a red X marking the spot.

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