October 21st, 2007

D-Sides release date pushed back / final special edition details

Some further news about the forthcoming Gorillaz' Bsides and remixes compilation album D-Sides:-

As noted by some people in the comments to yesterday's news item, online retailers are now listing a release date for the album of 19 November in Europe and 20 November in North America. This ammended release date has been confirmed by a posting on the official Gorillaz fansite.

Finally, in yesterday's news item about D-Sides we posted an image of the deluxe edition as featured on amazon.com ; there was some speculation about what the image depicted. A listing on the online retailer play.com (check it out here) clears this speculation up. The special edition contains, in a box to hold it all: "Art prints x 2, Badges x 4 on a card, Sticker sheet, Patch." as well as a fold out card wallet for the two discs.

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