September 23rd, 2007

Video of Feel Good Inc mention at Apple address / Gorillaz-Unofficial new RSS feed

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on Gorillaz-Unofficial that Apple CEO Steve Jobs had used a Gorillaz track when demonstrating iTunes' new capability of making ringtones from songs at an Apple keynote address (story was here. Now The_One sends the news that you can watch the actual speech online on the Apple website here. The Gorillaz mention comes just after nine minutes into the video.

Also some Gorillaz-Unofficial site news: for the past couple of years Gorillaz-Unofficial has had an RSS feed, which has gone through periods of being updated regularly but which we have to admit has not been completely reliable. All that will now change because the site has a NEW RSS feed which is automatically tied to the news posts (from the livejournal news engine), so the rss feed will be automatically updated as soon as a news post is made on Gorillaz-Unofficial. So if you were put off the RSS feed before, or if you didn't know Gorillaz-Unofficial had one and you'd like to get it now, the address of the feed is:- . Copy and paste that into your RSS reader and you will receive news in future as soon as it's posted.

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