September 8th, 2007

Gorillaz 'D-Sides' album rumours

A few websites on the internet, including most notably reputable US record release schedule site are reporting that Gorillaz will release a Bsides compilation album called 'D-Sides' on 20th November in the USA (read the announcement on the site here). Musictap comments that the album's release has supposedly been put back several times. Musictap also notes that the album is scheduled to come out in regular and deluxe editions.

As reported on here, back in January of this year several reputable sites, including the industry insider site, listed a Gorillaz Bsides album as coming out in March. At the time, an insider close to the band commented to Gorillaz-Unofficial: "'it's just rumour for now'" (the old news item can be viewed here).

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