September 7th, 2007

'Unseen' Murdoc pic / Noodle chatter / minor news round-up

Firstly, not news but this will certainly be new to most fans. cupnoodle0718 sends an official picture, by Jamie Hewlett, of Murdocc which only ever appeared on an official Japanese promo site for the Demon Days album (alongside other official artwork which has all appeared elsewhere).
Also on the site were clips of Noodle saying things in Japanese and humming along to Feel Good Inc (which also have never appeared elsewhere); listen to them on Youtube HERE.

Two minor news items; firstly the national UK newspaper ran an article today on obscure and new genres of music, including an entry on Zombie Hip-Hop: "Damon Albarn's virtual group Gorillaz invented Zombie Hip-Hop as a phrase to describe themselves. It infuses elements of New York rap over slow burn grooves and electronics to create a dark, brooding sound which will release the flesh-eating monster within." Check out the full article HERE.

Finally, Gorillaz continued their association with iPod when at the launch of the new iPod range, Steve Jobs demonstrated how customers will be able to make their own ringtones on iTunes, using a Gorillaz track (he also used tracks by Aretha Franklin and the B-52s). Check out the full story on HERE.

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