August 8th, 2007

Kano speaks of admiration for Gorillaz

UK rap artist Kano (info on wikipedia here) has spoken of his admiration for Gorillaz in a new interview.

Kano says: "I was a big fan of Damon's, especially that first Gorillaz album. I came up in the garage scene and they did a lot of garage remixes of 'Clint Eastwood', so I kind of followed that from there and when the second album came out I was like "Woah", I was so into that. When I met the man and we got speaking I hadn't even realised he'd lived where I come from, that's why he's really reggae influenced and why I could identify with a lot of the stuff on the second Gorillaz album, and I think that's what really attracted me to working with him.".

Read the full interview (including more of his comments on working with Damon Albarn on the track 'Feel Free') on the site here. Download the Damon and Kano collaboration 'Feel Free' from Kano's forthcoming album 'London Town' here (hosted on rapidshare) or watch a performance of the track live on Youtube here.

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