August 7th, 2007

Lupe Fiasco performs Happy Industries (samples Feel Good Inc) reports here that rapper Lupe Fiasco (more info on the artist on Wikipedia here) is currently perfoming the song "Happy Industries" on tour. The track's backing beats are entirely composed of parts from Gorillaz' song Feel Good Inc. The track was originally released on the rappers' 2006 mixtape "Touch The Sky". This track did not mark the first time Lupe Fiasco had used Gorillaz' beats; he had previously rapped over 8 Demon Days tracks and released these as the mixtape "A Rhyming Ape" earlier in 2006 (Download the mixtape for free here, and Gorillaz are thanked at the end of his debut album.

Watch a fan-made video of Happy Industries on Youtube here, or watch Lupe perform the track at a recent live show, also on Youtube here.

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Gorillaz tracks on new 'Now Play It' digital service

In the last few days, a new site was launched. This site offers official artist-endorsed tutorials on how to play parts of famous tracks, as digital video downloads. Some of the tutorials feature the artists themselves. Gorillaz have some tracks available and these can be viewed here, though these don't feature input from Gorillaz themselves or their associates, and are guitar chord tutorials.

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