July 25th, 2007

Damon Kano collaboration not a Gorillaz track / Feel Good Inc parody by Houston Chronicle cartoonist

Two small bits of Gorillaz-related news...

Firstly, Nick Anderson, the US newspaper Houston Chronicle's cartoonist, has created an animated music video which features the music from Feel Good Inc but with different (anti-Bush) lyrics. Check out the video on YouTube by clicking here. The video also features elements recreating Gorillaz' own video to the original song.

Secondly, news that a song Gorillaz-Unofficial has been following news of as a possible Gorillaz song, has turned out not to be Gorillaz-related at all. 'Feel Free', a track on the UK rapper Kano's forthcoming album 'London Town' features Damon Albarn and not Gorillaz. (this track has been performed by Damon, Kano and US beatboxer Scratch at two Damon-organised Africa Express live events this year. Scratch's forthcoming LP, 'Loss 4 Wordsz' scheduled for a release this year, is still set to feature a Gorillaz track). The track is still pretty good even if it has no Gorillaz involvement - download it from Rapidshare by clicking here

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