June 16th, 2007

Gorillaz fans 3rd most loyal of all UK music fans according to Sun article

The Sun, a national UK paper, today had a very small article about how loyal Gorillaz fans in the UK are. According to the website Popscores, only UK Muse fans and Michael Jackson fans are more loyal (82% of Muse and Jackson fans say they will definitely buy the acts' next new release, whereas Gorillaz are in third with 80% of people describing themselves as Gorillaz fans saying they will definitely buy Gorillaz' next release). You can read the mini article on the Sun website here and there's more information about how Popscores came up with the statistics on wikipedia here.

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Jamie Hewlett designs a collection of vibrators / erroneously reported as featuring Gorillaz

Many sites on the net are reporting that Jamie Hewlett Gorillaz co-creator has designed a range of Gorillaz vibrators (see for example the coverage on Yahoo here). The truth is slightly less alarming; Jamie has designed a range of vibrators for the company Jimmy Jane but they feature characters that have no relation to Gorillaz.
The characters themselves were actually first designed for the London club Kabaret in 2004, where they adorn the walls. The character bios and art are quite fun, and you can read them by clicking 'Read More' below. Anyone wishing to purchase a vibrator should head on over to the Jimmyjane website here.

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Gorillaz recommend Monkey / front page of Gorillaz.com changed

The first changes to Gorillaz.com in months happened today when the front page was replaced with artwork from the new Jamie Hewlett / Damon Albarn production 'Monkey : Journey To The West'
Those interested in finding out more can check out the Monkey myspace http://www.myspace.com/monkeyjourneytothewest where much new Hewlett concept art can be viewed, as well as video clip of an interview with Damon and Jamie, and a link to buy tickets for the shows in Manchester, UK.

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