June 12th, 2007

Damon/Kano/Scratch collaboration - possible Gorillaz track?

Back in December of last year, there was a gig featuring artists in support of the charity'Africa Express' (concert poster here. The evening featured appearances from Damon Albarn, Gorillaz co-creator, as well as many others.

Videos have come out from that finally (full list on youtube account here).

Most interesting for Gorillaz fans is a track featuring Damon and Hip Hop artists Scratch and Kano (video on youtube here, mp3 on sendspace here).

Eagle-eyed fans will remember that, as reported previously by Gorillaz-Unofficial, the forthcoming album from Scratch 'Loss 4 Wordz', scheduled for a 2007 release, is set to feature a collaborationg with Gorillaz - could this be that track? We'll keep you posted with any further updates.

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