May 5th, 2007

Monkey : Journey To The West update

Not strictly Gorillaz, but something that both the Gorillaz co-creators are closely involved with - the Opera "Monkey : Journey To The West". Damon Albarn will be writing the instrumental score (though not the lyrics) and Jamie Hewlett is providing all aspects of visual design. Some new information has come up and hopefully Gorillaz-Unofficial visitors will be interested.
Click 'Read More' for the new press release, and all the officially announced dates so far. The Opera will be performed in Manchester, UK , Berlin, Germany , Paris, France and also (according to this interview, thanks for sending the information Madmangoliath) Athens in Greece, New York in the USA and Tokyo in Japan.

UPDATE May 6, 16:00 GMT:- The Sunday Times, UK Newspaper, has more concept art from Jamie, and an article, in today's edition. Click 'Read More' below and scroll down to see the scans and article.

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