April 27th, 2007

Another Damon movie comment / Village Voice opinion piece

East Bay Express, a music website for the California area, caught up with Damon Albarn, Gorillaz co-creator, for an interview today. Of course with the current media storm surrounding the Gorillaz movie, the interviewer had to broach the subject and Damon replied: ""We're very patient. This last record took me like four and half years to finish. It might take us that long or even longer to do the film. I don't see us doing it in any other way. It's work. You can't finish until you've done something which represents all the mad thoughts in your head.". Check the mini article on the East Bay Express website here. (a fuller interview with Damon and other members of the band is promised for this Sunday, see details on the site).

In related news, US music and culture magazine The Village Voice has, in response to all these media stories about the movie, published a rather premature (and negative) obituary for Gorillaz. Check out the article on the Village Voice article here

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