April 1st, 2007

Jamie - "2D will die in the Gorillaz movie" (April Fool's)

UPDATE 02/04/07 11:11AM BST :- As many people correctly guessed, this 'news item' was in fact an April Fool's joke. Hope you enjoyed it! The 'interview clip' was put together using a clip from an old interview with Jamie from 2001, and a new and completely different question. So sadly we don't have a new interview with Jamie to bring you at this time. Till next year folks!

Following on from our interview with Jamie Hewlett late last year (which you can still read on the site here) Gorillaz-Unofficial was recently again granted access for a chat with the Gorillaz co-creator. The full interview will be going up in the next few days but one particular revelation was so exciting that we had to let fans know right away: 2D will die in the forthcoming Gorillaz movie. Listen to a clip of the interview here. Full interview to follow in the next few days.

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