March 26th, 2007

MLB competition - vote for Feel Good Inc

Tc writes by email: "Hello. There is a contest over at If you've been to a MLB game before, you know that before each batter walks up to the plate they'll play about 10-15 seconds of a song as they step up and get ready to bat. Well, has a contest up over at the New York Mets site. The contest is for you to vote which song their thirdbaseman David Wright should bat to in each game this year. There is a long list of entries, including Gorillaz' own Feel Good Inc.! Being both a rabid baseball and Gorillaz fan, I was very excited by this news, and voted right away for it. I'm hoping everyone else can get it bumped up high, because out of the 20 listings, the top 4 will be used. Click here to go to the site and vote! Thanks guys, hope we can make it win."

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