March 14th, 2007

Gorillaz movie mention / news round-up

Gorillaz co-creator Damon Albarn has spoken about the Gorillaz movie again - this time in an interview with the US newspaper The Washington Post. Saying that he would move ahead with the movie when he had finished touring the album The Good, The Bad & THe Queen, Damon added: "Terry Gilliam is in the loop, so it's going to be a fascinating journey making that film" and later commented about Gorillaz: "We were astounded that we managed to get it to this point. At first, it was just going to be an album, very experimental and odd, but we had a blast doing it. The first album did what it did, and we tried to make a film, realized we weren't ready for it and made 'Demon Days,' which I think is such a brilliant collaborative effort". Check out the full interview here.

In other minor Gorillaz news, Paul Simonon, former bassist with The Clash and now working with Damon on the The Good, The Bad & THe Queen album claimed in an interview with the Argentinian version of the magazine Les Inrockuptibles that "Gorillaz is the thing I've listened to most in the last few years". Scans of the interview here and here (thanks May!).

And finally, we don't normally cover fanart on here but very occasionally something comes along that is simply unmissable. Check out an animated Gorillaz fanart ident from FaDe, Lora and Nanci here!

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