February 11th, 2007

Shayne Ward covers DARE on tour

This won't mean anything to those outside the UK - but the Manchester Evening News newspaper is reporting here that Shayne Ward is covering Gorillaz' hit single DARE as part of his live show on his latest tour. Shayne is a former winner of 'The X-Factor' a Pop Idol / American Idol-style singing contest television show that's shown in the UK, and which both Gorillaz co-creators have gone on record as hating. (More information on Shayne Ward on wikipedia here).

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Gorillaz miss out on Grammy

wasakithis sends the sad news that Gorillaz have failed to pick up the Grammy for which they were nominated at the 2007 Grammy Awards. 'Demon Days Live' was up for Best Long Form Music Video, but Bruce Springstein took home the award for the film 'Wings For Wheels: The Making Of Born To Run'. Also nominated in the category were Death Cab For Cutie, Madonna and Terence Blanchard. The list of Grammys awarded so far can be viewed on the official Grammy site here, (Best Long Form Music Video is Category 108).

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