January 1st, 2007

Review of the Gorillaz year - 2006

As we reach the end of 2006, here's a chance to look back over the last year in the world of Gorillaz! This is a month-by-month run-down of the top Gorillaz news stories of 2006, and you can click the links to bring up, in a new window, the story as originally reported and a selection of the year's best media articles. A special thanks to everyone who has submitted news and content to the site over the past year - you make this site what it is, the fan's fansite. Click 'Read More' to see the whole year review (and a preview of what to expect in 2007!).

Gorillaz began January with two awards nominations - 'Designer of the year' at the UK design awards for co-creator Jamie Hewlett for his Gorillaz work in 2005, and a brace of Brit Award nominations for the band - an NME award nomination would follow later in the month. Damon Albarn appeared at the Stop The Dams concert / one-day festival in Iceland on the 6th, performing one song 'Aluminium' with the Icelandic band Ghostigital - this song would later be reworked and record as 'Stop The Dams', seeing a release on the Kids With Guns / El Manana single. Second single from Demon Days DARE, which had been threatening to make a breakthrough in the US at the end of 2005, finally entered the Hot 100 in the USA, but only hung around the lower reaches of the chart for a few weeks there. Press highlights of the month came from the Gorillaz interview with Franz Ferdinand in the UK paper The Observer, and an interview with live bassplayer Morgan Nicholls in Bass Guitar magazine. The band also had the honour of having Feel Good Inc played as the first ever video to air on MTV's high definition show. In the third week of the month, Gorillaz' manager Chris Morrison spoke at a management conference saying that the Gorillaz proposed tour for '07/08 was pressing ahead, would cost £8 million, and there was a propsect of stadium shows.

In the first week of February, Gorillaz appeared in Q magazine's 'Cash For Questions' in a feature that showcased a lot of new artwork. An exclusive mix of single Dirty Harry was released in Australia and Murdoc found time for a pre-Grammy show chat with Ryan Seacrest. A Gorillaz-designed helmet appeared on ebay in air of charity Warchild on the 8th. On the 9th, Gorillaz opened the Grammy award ceremony with a performance with Madonna, and took home a Grammy (their first) for 'Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals' for Feel Good Inc. The performance however convinced Damon and Jamie that to put on a full holographic tour would be impossible; word got out to the press of this pretty quickly, however the Gorillaz publicists bizarrely issued a statement insisting a tour would go ahead. Subsequent interviews with the pair made it clear that the tour was definitely off, and no further official statement about the tour was ever forthcoming. Less than a week after the Grammys, the band performed Dirty Harry in an audiovisual spectacular at the Brit Awards, but failed to take home either gong for which they were nominated. Also in February, Jamie Hewlett made an appearance on the UK tv program The South Bank show, talking about anime's influence on Gorillaz. The band were lucky at their third awards ceremony of the month at the NME awards on the 23rd, taking home the award for musical innovation. Feature interviews with Jamie appeared in the Sunday Telegraph magazine and Hooker magazine in the UK. Meanwhile, changes were afoot at Kong Studios as Noodle started to pack her stuff into the flying Windmill that appeared tethered outside the building.

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