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24th December 2006

4:08am: FGI US iTunes EP released / new song on myspace
HomeStarDude sends the news that the fourth and final Gorillaz US iTunes EP has been fully released, the full tracklisting runs: Feel Feel Good Inc. (Noodle's Demo), 68 State, Feel Good Inc. (Live In Harlem) (video) and Feel Good Inc. (Anamatic) (video). There's also a digital booklet, wallpapers and screensavers included. The original release date was scheduled as 26 December.

The only previously unreleased track on the EP, the demo of Feel Good Inc, can now be heard streaming in full on the Gorillaz official myspace here

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7:32pm: Merry Christmas from Gorillaz-Unofficial (rare video)
It's that time of year again (or almost)! A very happy Christmas / holiday season to all our visitors. As a Christmas present (of sorts) we've uploaded some ultra-rare early Gorillaz footage from early 2001. Damon and Jamie appear on MTV (in the UK) for the first time, talking about Gorillaz. And they're not exactly on their best behaviour! Thanks for all your loyalty in 2006 - and stay tuned for the review of the Gorillaz year 2006 coming up in the next few days.

Part One

Part Two

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