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20th December 2006

3:36am: Feel Good Inc US iTunes EP (partially) released early
homestardude67 writes by email:-

"iTunes, for unknown reasons, has released the Feel Good Inc. EP early, except without the videos or digital booklet. I haven't bought "Feel Good Inc. (Noodle's Demo)," since I plan to buy it when the EP is released in its final form, but it features 2D's (not Noodle's) vocals. It's similar to "Feel Good Inc." but some of the lyrics are different. The track is 2:49, so I'm guessing that the song does not include any raps. Head on to the U.S. iTunes store and preview the song now before iTunes realizes its mistake and takes it off! Also, iTunes has released a "Samba at 13" single."

The EP's official release date is 26 December 2006.

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