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19th December 2006

2:09am: Rise Of The Ogre preview mp3 on Penguin site
anthony12584 sends the news that there is a preview of the audiobook version of Gorillaz' biography Rise Of The Ogre on the Penguin podcast site. It includes excerpts from parts that have not yet been released. Go get the mp3 here (scroll up to where it says 'download mp3').

The first two parts of the Gorillaz audiobook have already been released via iTunes, and two further parts will be released on the forthcoming two tuesdays.

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5:38pm: "Gorillaz: Live in Harlem" tv premiere on MHD in the USA, 31st December
The tv premiere of the concert film "Gorillaz: Live In Harlem" will take place on MHD, MTV's high definition channel, on 31st December (the channel is available in the USA). The broadcast will be in HDTV. The concert will show at 9pm ET/PT on the channel, and will re-air later that evening, at midnight. These broadcasts will be the first television showings of the concert film, it having previously been shown at a film festival, and streamed online.

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8:39pm: New game 'Gorillaz Pressie Stacker' now online
The Gorillaz game promised a few days ago is now live online at Kong Studios. Check it out right here on Gorillaz.com . Once you get the hang of it, it's strangely addictive. Complete all 8 levels to be in with a chance of winning a 'Gorillaz Christmas hamper' full of merchandise from the G-Shop.

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