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15th December 2006

6:03pm: No Gorillaz plushies!
Slightly sad news to report - following up on the news item posted last week about a UK national newspaper saying there were Gorillaz 'cuddly toys' to be won at the art exhibition Santa's Ghetto in London, Gorillaz-Unofficial can confirm that the prizes available are actually just the Gorillaz CMYK Kidrobot figures. The notice advertising the contest in the exhibition does indeed say that a 'Gorillaz cuddly toy' is the top prize, accounting for the confusion in the newspaper.

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6:06pm: Gorillaz interview snippet in the Guardian newspaper, UK
Gorillaz had a couple of comments to make as part of a review of the year in Arts in yesterday's Guardian newspaper (UK). Click 'Read More' to see the scan.

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6:09pm: Gorillaz podcast in association with The Times newspaper
Gorillaz have teamed up with The Times (UK national newspaper) to offer an exclusive podcast featuring new interview material. Click here to go to the Times website and download the mp3.

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