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1st December 2006

6:33pm: Gorillaz plushies at Santa's Ghetto (?)
That Man G writes by email that the national UK newspaper The Guardian today has an article about this year's 'Santa's Ghetto' exhibition / shop in London (online edition of the article here). It says that at the exhibition you can take part in a contest throwing hoops over religious symbols, and if you get all three, you win a Gorillaz cuddly toy (plushie). We have no further information at this time as to whether this is an accurate report or not, but it certainly appears in today's Guardian newspaper. More information as we get it.

Santa's Ghetto is an event that's been run for the past three years, and is an exhibition of underground artists that takes place each December. Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett has had work exhibited at previous Santa's Ghettoes. This year's Santa's Ghetto is being held in a shop next to Tottenham Court Road tube station, on London's Oxford Street.

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6:37pm: Gorillaz audio book itunes releases
NME.com reports here that Gorillaz will be releasing 4 'audiobook singles', one on December 4 and then one on each subsequent Monday for 3 weeks. They will be released exclusively via itunes (definitely itunes UK - other territories unconfirmed at this time). The tracks will consist of extracts from Gorillaz' autobiography Rise Of The Ogre read by actor Joss Ackland, accompanied by dialogue from Gorillaz themselves.

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