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22nd November 2006

11:32am: Aluminium (early version of Stop The Dams) video and mp3 online
On 7th January 2006, Gorillaz co-creator Damon Albarn appeared at the Stop The Dams concert in Iceland (a one-day festival in aid of the movement against the development of Iceland's wilderness areas) and with the Icelandic band Ghostigital, performed a song announced as 'Aluminium'. This song would later be re-worked, recorded and released as the Gorillaz song 'Stop The Dams', on the B-side to the single El Manana / Kids With Guns.

Someone has now uploaded the video of the concert performance on Youtube. Watch it here:- part one | part two.

You can also download an mp3 of Aluminium by clicking by clicking here. (click the link to bring up a new window, then click the large orange 'download' button in this window).

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11:39am: New Damon Albarn interview - some talk about Gorillaz
Gorillaz co-creator Damon Albarn, in Algeria to record an album of traditional Algerian music, gave an interview to website elwatan.com, and Gorillaz were one of the points of discussion.

You can read the article here but it is in French. For an English translation, click 'Read More' below.

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9:49pm: US itunes EPs : Dirty Harry released / El Manana tracklisting revealed
The latest in the series of 4 Gorillaz digital EPs was released exclusively to the US itunes yesterday. The Dirty Harry EP includes videos of Dirty Harry and Dirty Harry live in NYC, as well as audio versions of Highway (Under Construction) and Hongkongaton.

Also, the details of the third EP were announced today. The El Manana EP will be released exclusively to the US itunes store on 5th December, and the tracklisting runs: 1. El Mañana (Live in Harlem) (Video) 2. Kids With Guns (Live Visuals) (Video) 3. Hong Kong (Live at Manchester Opera House) 4. Stop The Dams.

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