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8th November 2006

2:58pm: DARE US itunes EP released - Dirty Harry EP tracklisting revealed
The DARE EP was released from the US itunes store yesterday. You can click here to go to itunes and download it.

The tracklisting of the Dirty Harry EP US itunes EP has been announced, it is as follows:- 1. Dirty Harry (video) 2.Dirty Harry - Demon Days live in Harlem (video) 3.Highway (Under Construction) 4.Hongkongaton . Release date for this EP is 21st November, and the El Manana and Feel Good Inc EPs will also be released before the end of the year.

iTunes USA has also announced that people who download all 4 EPs will receive 'Samba At 13' as a free bonus track.

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3:01pm: Murdoc audio / visual interview with Guardian Unlimited
Murdoc has given an audio interview to website Guardian Unlimited, to promote Gorillaz' new book, Rise Of The Ogre. Images from the book are displayed during the interview.

Watch the interview by clicking here.

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