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4th November 2006

12:23am: Gorillaz DVD press reviews
Reviews from UK newspaper The Sun (thanks to ginacartoon for the scan!) (5 stars), Mojo (4 starts), Q Magazine (3 stars), mtv.com and electronichouse.com . Click 'Read More' below, to see the scans and read the reviews - and if you see any more reviews of the DVD, scan them in or type them up and we'll get them up here.

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3:46am: Damon's new band - and official fansite http://www.goodbadqueen.com
Dear visitors of Gorillaz-Unofficial,

I have never taken the time before to make a personal post on the news here in the 2+ years that the site has been up; we like to keep it professional and journalistic in tone for the most part! However I'm going to break with that this once to tell you about (if you hadn't heard about it already) Damon Albarn's (Gorillaz co-creator and musical director)'s new band. They're called The Good The Bad And The Queen and you can check a track out on Myspace here if you haven't heard them yet. I think the band and their album will appeal to most, but not necessarily all, Gorillaz fans. Make up your minds for yourselves, but here's a heads-up about them anyway!
Following on from this - as stated from day one, Gorillaz-Unofficial.com is all about Gorillaz so there won't be news on this band on the site. However, I will be running a news site for this band, www.goodbadqueen.com and if you've been liking the regularity and quality of updates here on Gorillaz-Unofficial.com, well, it's going to be pretty much the same over there - provided we get some fan reporters, as have served G-U so well in the past (and made it truly the fan's fansite)! Not much conent is up now on the new site, it'll be rolling out over the next few weeks, but there is a contest to win a signed setlist, so you may want to check that out! So if you're interested, visit the site, hang out, comment, and send in news, and we can make it into another great community. And for those who are only into Gorillaz, rest assured, this is the last you'll be hearing about this band on Gorillaz-Unofficial.com!


2-J (webmaster, Gorillaz-Unofficial.com)
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