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1st November 2006

1:07am: Destruction continues at Kong / Pumpkin game back
GTAsoldier writes by email:-

"Heads up. The Kong Studios destruction has extended to the corridor leading to teh Carpark and the Carpark is what I say "destroyed" (Murdoc's bago is still intact and 2D's is still sleeping restfully)."

The studio is beginning to match its semi-destroyed state as can be seen on the new Gorillaz DVD 'Slowboat To Hades'. Check it out at gorillaz.com. The Pumpkin carving game is also back after last year's successful outing, in time for Halloween and you can check it out right here

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5:31pm: Gorillaz pick up MTVu Woodie Award
This one passed us by a few days ago (the ceremony was on October 25th) but Gorillaz picked up a Woodie (MTVu award) for 2006's best animated video for 'El Manana', beating off competition from Gnarls Barkley's 'Crazy', Against Me's 'From Her Lips To God's Ears (The Energizer)', Mark Ronson's 'Just' and Psapp's 'Hi'. All the MTVu award winners on the MTVu Awards site here.

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5:40pm: Gorillaz' Phase Two : Slowboat To Hades out now
Gorillaz Phase Two : Slowboat To Hades, the band's latest full-length DVD, is released this week. Check out the Gorillaz-Unofficial review by clicking 'Read More' below.
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