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28th October 2006

3:59pm: Ren and Stimpy creator calls Gorillaz "the best cartoons today"
Ghost sends the news that John Kricfalusi (creator of the infamous Ren & Stimpy Show and cartoon connoisseur) regards Gorillaz as "the best cartoons today". The comment apppeared in his blog and can be seen here (you'll need to scroll down to the Gorillaz part).

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4:07pm: Noodle's radio distress transmission on Gorillaz.com
neo_foxx000 sends the news that Noodle's radio distress transmission, as mentioned in the Gorillaz autobiography "Rise of the Ogre" can be heard in the 'Room of Brians' on Gorillaz.com

neo_foxx000 also sends a suggested transcription of the message, click 'Read More' below, to see it.

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