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24th October 2006

6:21pm: Extended trailer for Slowboat To Hades on Gorillaz.com
Old news now (Apologies, I was without access to the internet for a few days) ZNAKERS was the first to send the news that there is a new extended trailer for Gorillaz' forthcoming (end of October / first week in November, depending on your territory) DVD release 'Slowboat To Hades'. Go the lobby in Kong Studios here and click on the wall-mounted screen to check it out.

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6:39pm: The truth behind the El Manana video revealed at last - SPOILER WARNING
For months there has been fierce debate in the fan community about Gorillaz' video 'El Manana'. Did the events it depicted actually happen to Noodle? Or was it staged? Now for the first time the official truth can be revealed. The full explanation appears in Gorillaz' official autobiography 'Rise Of The Ogre' (out end of October / beginning of November depending on your territory). Gorillaz fan Spikeygal has got hold of a copy already and sends in the relevant extracts from the book.

SPOILER WARNING: If you want to wait until you get the book to find out what happened, do not click 'Read More' or 'Comments' below!

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