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20th October 2006

12:03am: New emails on Murdoc's PC
Kicchan writes by email:-

"Murdoc's computer has been updated with several amusing e-mails about the contents of Rise of the Ogre. Really funny stuff! :)".

Check them out on Murdoc's computer here.

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8:49am: Gorillaz in Guinness Book of Records (again)
A lot of people wrote in with this one, but veleven was the first to supply a scan, and writes by email:-

"Gorillaz have scored themselves another Guinness World Record- this time for being the 'Most Successful Artists in the UK Ringtone Charts'! They also hold the record for being the Most Successful Virtual Band. I've attached a photo I took with my mobile phone camera, so sorry for the fuzziness of the image. The entry in the book is accompanied with a photo of Gorillaz performing 'Dirty Harry' on the four giant screens, and Booty Brown and the children."

To see the scan, click 'Read More' below. Gorillaz of course have already appeared in the Guinnes Book of Records for several years as the world's most successful virtual group.

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