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11th October 2006

12:41pm: 'Feel Good Inc' features in film 'Stormbreaker'
veleven was the first to send the news (a little while ago, sorry for the delay in posting this) that Gorillaz' song Feel Good Inc features in a fight scene of the recently released movie 'Stormbreaker'. More info on the film on wikipedia

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12:51pm: Feel Good Inc wins award for Record Production
At the 22nd Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards, held Saturday night at the Hilton San Francisco, the TEC Award for Record Production/Single went to Gorillaz’s “Feel Good, Inc.,”. More coverage of the awards here.

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1:09pm: Gorillaz new figures on ebay (new pictures including packaging)
An anonymous person writes by email:-

"the CMYK toys have leaked! someone has already put an entire set of the latest Gorillaz figures on ebay. they are being sold individualy but it is still all four members. 2 days to go! check them out here:"

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