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9th October 2006

7:53pm: 4 Gorillaz 'digital EPs' to be released on US itunes
Gorillaz are to release 4 digital EPs to the US itunes store over the next few months. The EPs will feature music, previously unreleased videos, digital booklets with images, and access to bonus content like wallpaper, buddy icons and more.

The release schedule for the EPs is as follows:-
DARE- October 24
Dirty Harry- November 7
El Manana- December 5
Feel Good Inc.- December 26

The tracklisting for the DARE EP has been revealed, and is as follows:- 1. DARE - Demon Days Live in Harlem (Video) 2. DARE - animatic (Video) 3. Clint Eastwood Live - featuring De La Soul & Bootie Brown 4. People (Audio Only) . No information is available at this time as to whether these EPs will be available from the itunes stores of other countries.

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