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7th October 2006

5:18pm: Watch Vodafone Live Awards on UK TV (Gorillaz nominated)
Shatpank writes by email:-

"The Vodafone Live Music Awards is on Channel 4 in the UK at 11:05 pm GMT on Wednesday 11th October and repeated on E4 on the 14th October at 11.00 pm"

Gorillaz are nominated for two awards at the ceremony (as previously reported on Gorillaz-Unofficial here): the 'Vodafone Live Impact in 2006' award where they're up against Arctic Monkeys, Bob Geldof and Muse, and the 'Best Show Production' where they're up against Live 8, Take That and U2. Of course Gorillaz-Unofficial will have full coverage of the winners and, if Gorillaz win, any acceptance speeches.

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5:33pm: Murdoc letter in Q magazine
Murdoc wrote into Q magazine (the UK music magazine) to congratulate them on their 20th anniversary. The letter appears in this month's issue of Q magazine (the 20th anniversary issue). Click 'Read More' below, to see a scan of his handwritten letter.

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5:42pm: Rise Of The Ogre trailer on Gorillaz.com
Nadraj was the first to write in with the news that there is an official trailer for the forthcoming Gorillaz autobiography 'Rise Of The Ogre' on Gorillaz.com. Check it out right here.

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