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22nd September 2006

5:21pm: New merchandise in the G-Shop - including Murdoc knickers...
We don't normally cover each and every addition to the merchandise in Gorillaz' official G-Shop, but some new items have arrived that couldn't be let past without a mention.
Amongst the new items are official Murdoc knickers (that's panties to you US fans) and a handsome Bonesy lighter. Check the new stuff out on gorillazshop.com.

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5:33pm: Kong lobby in ruins / Slowboat To Hades teaser trailer
Lisa was the first to write by email:-

"The main Kong Studies Lobby is in ruins as a short promotional clip of 'Slow Boat To Hades' DVD plays on the now slanted plasma TV in the lobby."

Check out the updates on the Gorillaz official website here.

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