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13th September 2006

11:34am: Gorillaz nominated for 2006 mtvu 'Woodie' award
mtvU, the MTV channel, has announced the nominees for its annual awards. Gorillaz pick up a nomination in the category "The music video that makes all of your favorite Sunday cartoons look foolish" for the 'El Manana' video. Full list of nominees appears in the mtvU press release here.

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11:38am: Release information / pricing on new Gorillaz figures
Red sends the information, taken from the KidRobot forums:-

The new Gorillaz figures will be initially available in three different color variants, called the 'CMYK', 'White' and 'Two-tone' editions:

Gorillaz CMYK Edition available October 26 (limited to 60,000 sets) ($19.95 each figure)
Gorillaz White Edition available in November (limited to 4000 sets) ($24.95 each figure)
Gorillaz Two-tone Edition available in November (limited to 1000 sets) ($29.95 each figure)

Each figure comes in a unique box with exclusive accessories and will vary in height from 6 ¼ inches to 8 ¼ inches. The Gorillaz figures will be sold at all Kidrobot stores, online at www.kidrobot.com and at other select retailers.

There's a new press shot of the figures which can be seen by clicking here.

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