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10th September 2006

12:24pm: New better quality shots of Gorillaz figures / small news roundup
Fade sends a new picture of the forthcoming new set of Gorillaz figures, scheduled for release in October / November. Click 'Read More' below to see the image in full size.
In other news Masked Mouse was the first to send in the news that Feel Good Inc featured prominently in the season premiere of hit US show 'House'.

And finally... The Rock and Roll Pirate and her crew write by email: "We don't often go to church, but when we went today to smash the windows in true Satanist style, we found this travesty of a poster. It was used as advertising for a Christian youth festival in the UK 'Angel Days'. Surely they could be sued for this?". [UPDATE 22:00 BST: The Rock and Roll Pirate has contacted the site and asked us to point out that the smashing windows thing was only a joke]

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