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5th September 2006

10:57pm: More Slowboat To Hades content announced - Rock It video, El Manana live 5.1, and more
ZNAKERS sends the news that the official page of EMI Mexico has a section on Gorillaz' forthcoming DVD 'Slowboat To Hades' here. The information reveals that the video for 'Rock It' will be included on the DVD, and that the video of El Manana live from New York will be in 5.1 surround sound (neither feature was previously announced in the first released official list of contents, as covered on Gorillaz-Unofficial.com here).

The games available on the CD-ROM that comes with the DVD are also announced for the first time: Animal Kwackers, Bowling, Russel cookie eating, Dirty Harry driving game, Helly-Drop, Potato, Santa Sleigh game, Pumpomatic, Shooting Range, Mahjon, Murdoc's Attache Cse, Tiles Of The Unexpected, and Bonesy Apple Bobbing. There will also be extras unlockable on a points basis.

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