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12th August 2006

1:27pm: MSN Gorillaz live show streams pro-edited
ManManGoliath writes:-

"The MSN clips of the Gorillaz Apollo show are different in a good way. They are officially stylized in the way the Manchester DVD was edited...the point is...this IS BETTER than the original stream and now...we have clear and crisp visual and audio components. Good day for fans."

It's not clear when the MSN clips were updated, but you can check out the MSN video of the Gorillaz' live show On the MSN site by click here.

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1:31pm: New Gorillaz DVD title announced: "Phase Two : Slow Boat To Hades"
GerShak sends the news that the official Gorillaz fansite has announced the name of the forthcoming Gorillaz DVD: "Phase Two: Slow Boat To Hades". The announcment appears on the official Gorillaz fansite here.

As previously revealed on Gorillaz-Unofficial.com, the DVD will include the full videos for the Gorillaz Phase Two singles, and the MTV EMAs, Grammys and Brits live performances, the Gorillaz MTV Cribs episode, the Phase Two Gorilla bites, a new Kong Studio guide, a gallery, and short interviews. The DVD will come bundled with a CD-ROM featuring games and wallpapers. Release dates for all territories is October 2006.

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