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11th August 2006

12:45am: Historic Gorillaz performance video appears on YouTube (UPDATE)
UPDATE 12/08/06: Zach Brown sends the link to download the clip from Rapidshare CLICK HERE to download the clip!

A video of the first public airing of a Gorillaz song has been uploaded onto YouTube. With thanks to MiddleRow (the uploader) and Jose Miguel (who informed Gorillaz-Unofficial).

The video can be viewed on YouTube by clicking here

Some background to the video: Damon Albarn, Gorillaz co-creator, gets back from Jamaica in late May 2000, with the finished masters for Gorillaz' debut album. Middle Row Records, a Garage music label, have a studio in the same building as Damon's 13 studios and Zombie Flesh Eaters[Jamie Hewlett's company]'s studio. Damon knows the Middle Row crew. He invites them to listen to the finished masters and floats the idea of them doing some remixes. Ed Case picks out the track Clint Eastwood and, with Sweetie Irie, creates the refix... later that summer, the refix is completed and Middle Row Records have a soundsystem at the Notting Hill carnival in London, UK... Ed Case asks Damon if he wants to do the refix live... and so here it is! Before the name 'Gorillaz' had even made it into print... before the Tomorrow Comes Today video was even completed. An historic performance.

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